The Science of Beauty

A Latin woman using nature for crafting woman perfection in skincare. In 2001 Mane opened her first business in Chile named Nurse and spa. Since then, she has been helping women with the complexity of found happiness in their skin and beauty.

In 2004 Mane visits Shanghai for the first time, falling in love with the city, years after in 2011 she started a new life in China. Mane begins her TCM studies soon after she arrives in Shanghai. Having the idea of combining skincare with the unique and timeless properties of Chinese medicine, but is not yet the right time, she thinks something is missing. In 2018 she travelled to Spain to complete her master’s degree in Neuroscience.

Finally, she has the feeling of fully understand people thinking about beauty and their complexity, in 2019 she decided that is the right time for open up her knowledge of beauty into China, being the founder of Allelique skincare. Currently looking for perfection Mane is a PhD in Biology student, fully passionate in the process that involves creating the formulas of the products, thinking that a right product, the result and the experience can craft perfection on mind and skin.

Having the experience and answers for skincare problems, Allelique started to offer master classes. With easy access through all social media platforms in China and Latin America, being Mane the face of this very successful project, Science of beauty is the name of the masterclasses the brand creates as guidance for Chinese skincare routines.

by Mane Velasco

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